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Lunch #37: Money Can Buy Happiness feat. Prita Ghozie (Part 2)

Part two. Deeper in conversation with Prita Ghozie about financial planning between couples. Easily one of our most favorite podcast session. So much that we forgot about the time and eventually had to split this in too. Well, good for you, guys & girls. Cause that means more valuable content for you to enjoy & learn from. Have a listen: Empat cara pasangan mengatur keuangan (01:18) Kejujuran yang membebaskan (10:01) "Kapal besar layar kecil, atau kapal kecil layar besar" (13:48) Curhatan #1 tentang pasangan (18:01) Money can buy happiness (23:50) -- Kalau lo dapet sesuatu yang baik dari episode ini, it would mean a lot to us kalau lo bagikan ini ke temen, pacar, orang tua, atau bos yang mungkin membutuhkan juga. Thank you udah ngeramein yang positif! Cheers from us, @fellexandro @sheggario. 

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