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Lunch #41: David Gadgetin: 26,4M Youtube Subs, and No Sign Of Stopping

Joke di pembukaan, buat yang paham aja. Haha. One word for David : Whiz-kid. Truly he is. Memulai di akhir 2014, sekarang David adalah tech Youtuber terbesar di Indonesia. Tapi gua dan Ario penasaran, apa sih isi otak dia? What makes him so brilliant? We got the answers in the 50 mins deep dive into his thoughts, his zero-to-hero story,  his investing side, his personal brand, and a lot more. Thanks to technology, walaupun kita #DiRumahAja, tetep bisa rekaman dengan David. Hope you're all safe, healthy, & productive too. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Smile on, shine on. Cheers, @fellexandro and @sheggario. 

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