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Lunch #61: Humankind Leadership feat. Mardi Wu (CEO, Nutrifood) Part 2

Who wouldn't want to be a great leader? Who could be better to learn it from than a guy who's been 12 years straight a CEO. And been in the company since 1995. Fun fact, he used to hate companies. He just wanted to be a professor. This is a story of how he changed his mind and become one of the most 'humankind' leaders. Well respected by his peers, industry, team and colleagues.  (03:40) Starting With A Surprise  (06:20) Company vs. Kumpeni?  (10:04) Leadership Beyond KPI: Engagement (15:11) Bagaimana Bisa Tegas, Tapi Tetap Friendly?  (20:44) 12 Tahun Jadi CEO, Apa Yang Berubah?  (25:45) Kisah Memanusiakan Manusia  (30:33) Leading With Compassion  (32:12) Apa End Game Pak Mardi?  (37:31) Nutrifood, Perusahaan Tanpa KPI  (42:35) Case: Startups & Young Leaders (49:04) Book recommendation on Leadership  ___ Thirty Days of Lunch (TDOL) is a podcast with a mission to reinvent life, one lunch at a time. Kenapa lunch? "Makan adalah sebuah itikad baik untuk bertemu." kalau mengutip film Tabula Rasa. Dan itu yg kita percaya, pertemuan yang melahirkan ide, inspirasi dan persahabatan. Namun, yang terutama, kesempatan berbagi. Supaya insight, wisdom yang kita dapet dari rockstar di podcast TDOL bisa dinikmati siapapun di manapun, sampai kota / desa terkecil di pelosok Indonesia for free. Initiated and hosted by @fellexandro and @sheggario.

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