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Lunch #28 - Building Happy & High Performance Team, Five Days A Week!

Selama WFH, business owners / managers / employees diajak untuk beradaptasi. Untuk bisa perform, bisa manage team, bisa menjaga culture team dan climate tetap produktif & happy. Is it easy? Definitely no. Is it possible? Definitely yes. Di podcast ini, kita ngobrol sama Doni Priliandi, founder dari Happy5 app. Doni membawa experience-nya building agile team di startup, building culture dari salah satu consulting firm terbaik di Indonesia, dan menjadi leaders di berbagai organisasi. This is gonna be one of the most ROI positive podcast to everyone who runs a team. We enjoyed the conversation so much, and can't wait to hear what you think about it. Holla at us @thirtydaysoflunch @fellexandro @sheggario on Instagram. 

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