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Lunch #19: The Conversation With GaryVee

We couldn't thank Gary enough for spending his precious 8 minutes with us. We couldn't thank @forward.mv enough for bringing him to Jakarta and for starting an awesome movement #MoveForwardIndonesia. And we couldn't thank you enough, yes you, our listeners for the vote of confidence, for the collective effort to make Gary notice. We are blessed having you guys. This one is for you. Di episode ini kita coba bawa hal-hal yang gua (@fellexandro) dan Ario (@sheggario) pelajari dari sesinya Gary di Forward dan apa yang bisa kita cerna dari 8-9 menit bersama Gary. Hope you find it useful. If you do, pay it forward and share it to your friends. It might just be what they need. And it wouldn't hurt to thank @garyvee himself if you post it on social media. Much love, here's to more awesome lunches!

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