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Intro: Thirty Days of Lunch Season 3

The year 2020 hits all of us differently. Mostly it was tough. Tapi kita percaya, segala sesuatu dihadirkan. Kalau bukan karena 2020, episode pamungkas di season kemarin bersama Yanjaa (Memory Champion dari Swedia) mungkin ga akan kejadian. Tiga bulan sudah berlalu sejak itu. Cukup untuk gua dan Ario rehat dari ‘kewajiban’ setiap minggu rekaman podcast. Yes, it is generally a good sign to rest, when what you do feels mundane. Glad we did. I had to get a lot of things done for my new book release too. The timing couldn't be better though at the end of the day. And now ... we’re back! Here’s a quick timestamp of what’s happening, what’s different, and what we need you to do to kickstart our best season yet!  (03:55) Survival Mode : Brand Deals!  (07:20) Episode Ter-...... ! (16:12) What to Expect from Season 3: Sayur! (24:30) Chain Reaction Cheers, @fellexandro @sheggario -- Send us your support to hello@thirtydaysoflunch.com

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