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Lunch #22: Leading Millenials feat. Axioo & Sweet Escape’s CEO David Soong

Millenial kaya kutu loncat. Dari satu job ke job lain jarang lebih dari satu tahun. Millenial mental tempe. Millenial suka-nya yang instan-instan. Betulkah? Or are we generalizing this generation a little bit too much? Di podcast kali ini, kita ngegali experience Awie (foundernya Axioo & Sweet Escape) memimpin ratusan orang millenials dalam tim nya. Quick hint, some stereotypes will be debunked, some will be ... well, what's the fun in spoiling the learning for you. Take a listen, and share with us what you think. I'm Ruby at @fellexandro and Ario at @sheggario. Holla at us what you learned from this episode. Kalau lo ngerasa ini berguna, pay it forward, bagikan ke temen lo yang lo ngerasa butuh jg. Hope you have a good lunch! 

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