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Lunch #62: Why IP Is The Next Gamechanger feat. Creator of Mbloc Space & Filosofi Kopi

Can we imagine building a brand that is successful and only to be stolen just because we didn't apply for I.P. from the beginning? In this episode, we learn from the man behind the brand Filosopi Kopi, Mbloc and a few others that made him our expert for I.P. or Intellectual Property, that is. Mas Handoko Hendroyono, a Brand Activist. Buat lo para pengusaha, bisnis 'IP' ini adalah salah satu yang sangat menjanjikan ke depannya. Simak obrolan sejam yang mungkin bisa jadi inspirasi kamu nge-gedein brand atau usaha kamu. Nih, kalau mau skip langsung skip ke topik yg lo suka:  (04:00) Before Filosofi Kopi & How it Started (10:40) Intellectual Property Examples Worldwide & the Importance of Narration (14:36) The Current Challenge & Change in the Movie Industry.  (24:00) How I.P. Can Be A Diplomacy Tools.  (28:50) What Are The Actual Steps to I.P.? (31:20) What Goes First? The Revenue or The I.P.? (35:35) The Importance of The Legal Behind I.P and the story of Roti Kebanggaan Gading Serpong (40:00) How to Build Narration? Narration & Experience (44:25) Can Thirty Days of Lunch Goes Bigger, I.P. Wise? (50:20) Ask This to Yourself, What is the Soul of the Brand? ___ Thirty Days of Lunch (TDOL) is a podcast with a mission to reinvent life, one lunch at a time. Kenapa lunch? "Makan adalah sebuah itikad baik untuk bertemu." kalau mengutip film Tabula Rasa. Dan itu yg kita percaya, pertemuan yang melahirkan ide, inspirasi dan persahabatan. Namun, yang terutama, kesempatan berbagi. Supaya insight, wisdom yang kita dapet dari rockstar di podcast TDOL bisa dinikmati siapapun di manapun, sampai kota / desa terkecil di pelosok Indonesia for free. Initiated and hosted by @fellexandro and @sheggario.

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