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Lunch #39: Leadership In Hard Times (A Turnaround Story feat. CEO of BMW Astra)

The first time we met Pak Fredy, he didn't strike as your typical stereotype of a CEO. In fact, he comes from a very modest background, and the mindset of a finance director who prefers working behind the scene. Yet, he rise to the occasion when BMW Astra assigned him the CEO role. In three years time, he took the company to the top of the chart, leaving a considerable gap between them and the runner up. In this episode we learn how leadership played a huge role in hard times. How Pak Fredy can keep retention high and turnover low. How he manage millenial workforce. And last but not least, reinventing himself at the age of 50. We learn a lot from him, especially as business owners. If you're aiming to be a leader or already leading a team, this is a must listen. If you find it impactful, pay it forward by sharing it to a friend who might need it. Smile on, shine on, @fellexandro & @sheggario -- If you'd like to reach out to us, send us an email at thirtydaysoflunch@gmail.comĀ 

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