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Lunch #40: Covid 19 - A Black Box For Future Us

If you've been working from home for the past week, ten days, two weeks? You're privileged. We are too. If your business has to close down. Ours is no better, they are practically on indefinite pause. But should we sit and play the blame game? This podcast episode put things in perspective. A black box for future you, future me, future us. So that we can always go back to this and listen again. Take a listen, and once you're done, get a note or send an email to yourself, write the things you've learned so far. The things you've missed so far. The food you craved. The person you so wanted to meet. May we never take them for granted again. Better yet, we dare you to cc your personal Black Box to us too at thirtydaysoflunch@gmail.com. Cheers! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay productive. Love, @fellexandro & @sheggario. 

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