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Lunch #35: HaloDoc CEO: From Family Business to Bill-Gates-Funded Startup

One of the few episodes that gave me goosebumps while recording. It's a podcaster's high. Let me introduce you to HaloDoc's founder, Jonathan Sudharta.  We talked about the harsh reality of being second generation in a family business (3:56) Jon’s life changing moments (7:23) Kisah Lampu Bohemia: Knowledge vs Experience (15:45) Leadership, Kecemplung & Turbulensi (20:20) GaryVee & Starting HaloDoc (26:11) Jon’s journey on finding passion (32:07) Building generational business vs startup to exit (37:44) Next step in simplifying healthcare (43:05) -- Hope this episode inspires you as much as we. If you'd like to share with us your thoughts, holla at us at thirtydaysoflunch@gmail.com 

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