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Lunch #36: Ernest Prakasa on Cina, Koh, & Living a Carefree Life

We tried multiple times to get Ernest on the podcast. Thanks to @sheggario for the persistence and thanks to Ernest for making the time. Here's 40ish minutes of fun & learnings from the guy who's proudly living a carefree live, with his anti financial planning strategy. Enjoy!  Hustle for a reason (02:29) Kerja bareng pasangan & dinamikanya (13:11) Film & tuntutan pesan moral (17:30) Growing together in life & career with Meira (18:58)  "Punya istri pribumi adalah bagian dari cita-cita." (24:03) Cina vs. Tionghoa (27:27) "Koh!" : Berdamai dengan diri sendiri lewat Stand Up Comedy (33:05) Hidup tanpa planning?!!! (35:42) Ernest's tips on storytelling (44:17) If you find this useful, it would mean the world to us if you pass it forward to those who might need it. If you know someone with great story to share, holla at us at thirtydaysoflunch@gmail.com

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