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Lunch #18: Blockchain & Bitcoin 101: Have A Piece Of The Future, Today

New pre-roll music. New hot topic. New friends. We love that our lunch are getting better, and hopefully you're getting better too as you listen to our podcast. Di episode ini, kita bongkar dan bumikan Blockchain. Ternyata selama ini kita sibuk dengan naik turun rate Bitcoin, dan melupakan esensi yang lebih penting, Blockchain yang perlahan sudah merubah hidup kita. Dari data privacy, sampai sharing economy. Things are getting disrupted and THE FUTURE IS ALREADY HERE. Masih belum terlambat untuk belajar dan take action.  If you learn something, pay it forward and share it to someone who might need it. Holla at @fellexandro and @sheggario if you have any direct feedback to us. Have a good lunch!

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